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How can I use Swank K-12 Streaming for Flexible Instruction or Sick Days?
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Share Swank K-12 Streaming Content with Students at home
  1. Open your Chrome Browser
  2. Visit our ClassLink launchpad -
  3. Once you have logged into ClassLink click on Swank K-12 Streaming
  4. Browse to the material you wish to present and select Share > Copy Direct Link
  5. Insert the copied link in your Learning Platform content (Google Classroom / Schoology)
  6. Students may then click on the link, authenticate via ClassLink, and watch the content from home
Share Swank K-12 Streaming Content with Substitutes
  1. Follow steps 1 through 4 above
  2. Generate a Sick Day document and include the link, which you may share with the substitute as needed
    1. Long-term subs who have @kcsd accounts may access Swank in the same manner as regular staff via ClassLink
    2. Short-term subs who do not have @kcsd accounts may access Swank as a "Basic User" by visiting the link you've shared, clicking Sign in another way, and entering
      1. Username: Short Term Sub
      2. Password: Welcome2Swank!
    3. Password subject to change

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