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How do I request a movie or show on Swank K-12 Streaming?
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To make a Title Request
  1. Search for and select the Title you wish to request
  2. Click Request
  3. Enter the requested information in the pop-up form
    1. First Name, Last Name, Email
    2. Where will this title be viewed?
      1. In class / homework assignment - for any classwork, in class or remote
      2. At school but not in classroom - reward activities, holiday celebrations, etc.
      3. Outdoor - field trip, field day, etc.
    3. Requested Start Date - first date title will be available if approved
    4. Course (not required) - the course/class name(s) you plan to show this in
    5. Academic Use (recommended, but not required) - see field description in form, helps with approval process
    6. Requests can be made on behalf of another staff member - they will be notified of the request status
Time between initial request and ability to view
  • The initial request must first be approved by Swank (avoid TV-MA and R rated titles)
    • Generally approved or denied within 1-4 hours
  • The request is then sent to Technology for approval
    • Generally approved or denied within 2 business days
  • Approval generally depends on intended audience and age rating
  • Please allow for at least 3 business days total for approval or denial, plan ahead!
Title Requests that require additional fees
  • If a title includes a $ symbol then additional time and fees are required
  • This means that the requested title had not yet been requested by another district or public library prior to your request, so Swank does not currently have streaming rights for that content
  • The school district would need to pay a $150 fee share for approval of the request
  • Swank would then take approximately 4 additional weeks to purchase the rights and make arrangements for the content to be viewable
    • Please avoid requesting these titles at this time, we may set aside a budget for such requests in future years of platform use

Our School District has access to 300 approvals per fiscal year (July-June) and we plan to "rollover" up to 150 Title Requests so that you would not need to request the same film(s) each year. Once we approach the 150 number we will begin reaching out to requestors to see if the content is still actively in use.

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