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How to setup the Microsoft Remote Desktop application on a Macintosh-based Computer
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Using Microsoft Remote Desktop from Macintosh OS 10-based Operating Systems

Use the Spotlight search feature (magnifying glass in upper right menu bar) to search for “remote” and find the Microsoft Remote Desktop application.

Once you run the Remote Desktop application, you can click the “New” button to create a new server connection profile.

In the Edit Remote Desktop profile window, you can enter a name for the connection (for example: Windows Computer). For the PC name, enter “” (no quotes) or "" (no quotes). These are the basic settings you need to establish a remote connection.

You can click the RED close button in the upper left corner of the Edit Remote Desktops window to close and save these settings. You will now see a computer listed in the “My Desktops” section of the application. You can double-click that computer name (or highlight that server and click Start) to establish a remote connection.

When you first establish a server connection, you may see a “Verify Certificate” warning message. You can click the “Show Certificate” button and you put a check in the box next to “Always trust…” so you no longer see this message (for this particular certificate). [Editor’s note: I will probably have to re-validate the certificate so it might appear again.]

P.S. Yes, cannonball is a tree, because Couroupita guianensis would cause too many typing problems.

Once you successfully connect to the server, you will see the Windows Desktop (Server 2012 made to look like Windows 7 and 8). When you first click on the Start button (Windows icon in lower left corner), you will see the Classic Shell initial configuration dialog box. Click OK. Click again on the Start button and the traditional Windows 7-style Start menu appears. You can search for applications by just typing (Word or Dreamweaver).

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