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How to setup a Microsoft Remote Desktop application on a Chromebook

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Here's the short-short-short version

If you do NOT have the Chrome RDP applications installed on your Chromebook, search the Chrome Web Store for the app

Chrome RDP in Chrome WebStore
Make sure it is the one from FusionLabs (search for FusionLabs -- one word -- the icon will contain two windows - one yellow, one blue).

Install the App

Once you install the App, you can add the two RDP servers
  • (access to Office 2007)
  • (PCNow Classes - access to Office 2016)
You can go into the Options area and set the display resolution to Full Screen - and the color to high color (16K colors) to speed up the connection.

There is annoying message when you are in Full Screen mode - it happens when you try to minimize the window and return to the Chrome desktop. If you need to do this, disconnect the session, look for what you need, and reconnect to get back to where you were.

On the remote desktop servers, you can use either Firefox or Chrome to log into your account.

The application does not need to be purchased ... it is licensed to the domain for all users.

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