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Collection Information and Instructions

Attached to this Knowledge Base article is the Checklist that will be made available for every laptop. You should review this document prior to laptop collection.

Laptop storage bags will be delivered to each homeroom teacher prior to the scheduled collection. Each bag will have a large 4 digit number on the bag (see picture on right). This number corresponds to the Bag Number column on the roster checklist. When the Technology Department pulled the bags for each classroom, the bags were placed in order as they appear on the roster.

Homeroom Rosters from early May were used to create the checklist; were pulled in early May and

Once you have completed the Turn-in Checklist for a particular laptop, if there are ANY check marks in the "PHYSICAL CONDITION" area or the "OTHER" section of the checklist, please check the "Needs Repair" column on the roster. That way, we know which laptops need to be pulled first and have repairs done and bills issued.

If the asset tag (pictured on the right) on the bottom of the laptop is not legible or is missing, please make note of that in the "OTHER" section. The Technology Department will verify the laptop using the device serial number and replace the asset tag. Also, if an asset tag does not match up with number on the roster, make note of that in the "OTHER" section and collect the laptop.

Once the checklist has been completed, both the teacher and student can initial the form where appropriate, date it, and place the checklist it on the keyboard of the laptop and close the laptop. If a student refuses to initial the checklist, just mark on their initial line "Refused" and proceed.

After which, place the laptop in the main compartment of the bag and the power adapter in the front compartment. Take note to place the "brick" part of the power supply off to one side in the front compartment ... not in the middle of the bag where it could press against the screen and crack it. You do NOT need to zip shut the bag.

Once the laptop is in the bag, lay them horizontally on a shelf in your room. Do NOT stack them vertically, as this may damage the laptops on the bottom (see pictures below).


You do NOT need to tie the bags back together. We simply did that to keep a particular set of bags for a homeroom together. However, please keep the rope with the laptops as we will reuse them again next year.

If you run into any issues during collection, please call extension 2117 ... or extension 2108 ... or extension 2107 and we will work through the issue as quickly as possible.

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